9+ Fantastic Autobiography Cover Page Template Design in MS Word & PDF

Writing an autobiography isn’t sufficient for boosting the sale. The traffic of the autobiography written by a writer gets a good deal in the market when it creates an impression. It is the sole responsibility of either the writer or the publisher to create a well-designed autobiography cover page. The image that goes on the autobiography cover page and the basic details of the writer make a world of difference. This professional and elegant look of an autobiography receives more significance than the others. Therefore, to boost the sale, the cover page must look good, whether or not a book is judged by its cover.

Autobiographies are perceived as a connective and sensitive expression of the thought of a certain person. A writer puts their heart out to write an autobiography and therefore to let people know how exclusive and the quality product it is, one needs to build a resembled autobiography cover page design.

What is an Autobiography Cover Page?

An autobiography cover page is the first page of the autobiography book that informs its readers about the author and defines a book a bit. It is considered as an informative page and also a page that creates an impression on readers since it includes both the design of the autobiography book and the information concerning it.

The major objective of creating an autobiography cover page is to create an impression on readers and grab their attention. Generating the interest among the audiences is the main motive since this perception among the audiences makes the sale. But it is only fulfilled when the essential elements that a reader expects from a cover page are incorporated well. Details of the author and definition of the book are the primary elements that must go in an autobiography cover page. Any individual would be interested in the book only when they see an attractive image on the cover page and the name of the author on it. It is because people prefer purchasing books published by their preferred publisher and author, so when they see the mark on it, they reach for it automatically.

What Elements Must Be Included in An Autobiography Cover Page?

Nothing will be enough to create a sense of transparency between the author and the audience but since it is a cover page it must hold some specifics. If you are confused as in what must go on the cover page, here are some ideas:

  • Name of the autobiography.
  • The title of the book.
  • The subtitle of the book.
  • Author of the book.
  • Publisher of the book.
  • The publishing company of the book.
  • Logo of the publishing company.
  • Address of the publishing company.


Free Printable Autobiography Cover Page Template:

Autobiography is all about the intensity in the story and the curves, and it must be maintained in the cover page template as well. The more you depict your autobiography on the cover page, the more attractive it will look and people will come looking for it. To create such an impression, a well-designed and formatted cover page needs to be built. Since you are here you can get your hands on this customizable and editable monochromatic autobiography cover page. The slanting font style is creating an amazing look and makes it unique.

Autobiography Cover Page 1

Printable Biography Book Cover Page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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Autobiography Book Cover Page Template 

On the second spot, we have another unique and sensitive autobiography cover page. The entire template is designed with an image with minimal space of information. Look how this minimalistic look of the autobiography cover page template is creating an impression. No matter who sees it would like to see what the book contains and whose autobiography it is. It is also a monochromatic design that creates an illusion and also covers the essential information. The space provided below the template is reserved for the elements only.

Autobiography Cover Page 2

Printable Autobiography Book Cover Design Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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Biography book cover design ideas

Thirdly, we have a highly professional and elegant autobiography cover page template. You can put your entire range of elements on the top section but it is better to include only the title and define a book a bit since it is the front portion of the book. Including every element in it, make it clumsy, therefore it is better to apportion the elements and write it accordingly. You can also add details about the author and the publisher on the bottom of the template in the space given.

Autobiography Cover Page 3

Printable Autobiography Design Template in MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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Autobiography Cover Page Example in MS Word

If professionalism is the impression you are looking for on a cover page, then it must be the right pick for you. Just take a glance at this autobiography cover page template, you will automatically receive a sense of professionalism and formal attitude. It is the formatting style of the cover page that creates the impression and convinces people. The best way to utilize this cover page template is to incorporate it when an autobiography is written on any professional person. This way the image would be suitable and the formatting style would be great.

Autobiography Cover Page 4

Printable Autobiography Cover Page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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Biography Cover Page Design in MS Word

Our concluding cover page template is no less than the cover pages aforementioned. It has an equal significance and convincing look that is sufficient to grab the attention of the audience. They will be thrilled to see what is there inside the autobiography, but the only way to make it happen is to incorporate the elements in chronological order. Make sure not to overpower the cover page by including many details but only the ones necessary and arranging it in a manner. Like at the front top only the title of the autobiography is required, whereas on the bottom of the temple at other details of the author and the book would be good.

Autobiography Cover Page 5

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