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How to Write a Cover Page for a Political Science Project?

If you are preparing a Political Science Project, you may want to include a cover page. In this article, you will learn how to write a cover page for your project, as well as Subfields and Methodology. Finally, you can see a sample cover page for a Social Science Project. We hope that these tips will be a great source for you to learn and create a great cover page for your next project. Remember, your project is your biggest chance to shine, so use them wisely.


The AJPS Style Manual for Political Science provides guidelines for the preparation of manuscripts. It is also known as The Chicago Manual of Style (16th Edition). The manual covers matters of text style, citations, appendices, references, and other elements. Creating the cover page is as simple as following the AJPS style instructions. Before submitting your article, make sure that all files are properly formatted.

The AJPS is a peer-reviewed, international journal dedicated to publishing research that contributes significantly to scholarly knowledge. The journal publishes manuscripts in all areas of political science, including international relations, American politics, comparative politics, and political methodology. It is also an official journal of the Midwest Political Science Association. The AJPS accepts manuscripts that address contemporary political issues and concerns across Asia.


The topic of your Political Science project must have an appropriate title and Table of Contents. All chapters should have titles and chapter numbers, and Appendices should be on separate pages. The pages should be numbered sequentially, with the initial page not included in the numbering sequence. The document must be well-written and professionally edited, with all errors corrected.

If you are writing your project for academic purposes, make sure to consult a first reader. The course will also cover the philosophical issues of the science of politics, as well as similarities and differences between the social sciences. The students will learn to formulate causal research designs and analyze the use of mathematical and statistical analysis, as well as computers.

The political science project cover page should highlight the main points of the research project, including its methods.

Sample cover page

A political science paper is focused on institutions and the government of a nation, state, or country. It is usually more interesting to readers and more complex to write about, so choosing a national level topic is a good idea. For example, if your topic is China’s communist party hierarchy, you should focus on China’s communist party and its links to Vietnam. This will require you to conduct extensive research.

In addition, your thesis should include a Table of Contents and a title page. All chapters and Appendices must have chapter titles and numbers. Pages should be numbered consecutively, except the first one. The thesis should be well-written and professionally proofread. The first reader should also be consulted to make sure that it follows the rules. The sample political science project cover page should contain the following elements. These parts of the project are essential.

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