5+ Creative Booklet Cover Page Design Templates

The cover page template attached to any booklet, be it the book itself, any assignment, any project has significance. It is a prominent and informative page providing essential information to its readers. Previously, it was not as essential as it is today, because of an increased number of audiences and demand. They need to have basic information before they grab the booklet or invest some money in it. It is the responsibility of every author creating the booklet be it a writer of the book, personnel, a student, to incorporate a well-designed and formatted booklet cover page.

Attesting a booklet cover page it’s not the only thing to do it requires quite a lot of knowledge and a little effort. Many people take the assistance of booklet cover page template available whereas many create it from scratch. Whatever the source is it needs to be formatted in a professional style. The commonly used formatting styles are MLA, APA, or Chicago.

What is a Booklet Cover Page?

A booklet cover page template is an informative page attested as the first page of the booklet providing standard information concerning the booklet and the author to its readers. It has its own significance that remains fixed irrespective of the document it is attached to.

The booklet cover page has a specific format and different styles of design. It is on the users how they want their readers to see the booklet. The first glance they give at the booklet cover page would create an impression on its real content. Therefore, it is crucial for authors to make sure the booklet cover page looks convincing and interesting.
The major objective of creating the same is not only to create a convincing attitude but grab the concentration of readers in the first half. Unless they are drawn towards the booklet placed on the shelf, how would they think of purchasing it? Hence, every author of every booklet must contribute their time and effort in designing the cover page of the booklet with the equal focus they have put while crafting the booklet.

Are you Aware of the Standard Elements to Incorporate in a Booklet Cover Page?

To create a well-designed and effective booklet cover page you need to know the elements it consists of. The elements of the booklet cover page make it informative and effective therefore the primary focus must be on the contents of it. Not much and not less is the proportion to maintain while crafting the booklet cover page. Here are the elements that must go in a booklet cover page template:

  • Name of the company/ institution.
  • Logo of the company/ institution.
  • Physical address and contact details.
  • Title of the booklet- describe the subject of it.
  • The subtitle of the booklet- explanation of the title.
  • Name of the author.
  • Designation of the author.
  • Department of the author.
  • Supervisor/ employer’s name.
  • Due date of submission(optional)

Free Printable Booklet Cover Page Design Template:

Design your booklet cover page with this well-formatted and decorated booklet cover page template. One half of the cover page is covered with a related image that is subjected to customization and the other half is well designed with the space of writing. One could incorporate the company name on the left alignment and attach its logo. On the other half, the title of the booklet should be placed and above the description of it or the company. Below is another writing space collared in black where is the font is in white to make it eye-catching. Use the space efficiently and create a good and efficient booklet cover page.

Booklet Cover Page 1

Printable Brochure cover design Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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Printable Brochure cover Page Template 

Here we have come up with yet another booklet cover page with a unique design and color. If you have a perception that black cannot be a professional color, then here it is. Look how profoundly the basic black is utilized in the entire booklet cover page and has not missed any professionalism by a single percentage. If you adopt this cover page, it would create a good impression on readers as they would see how the basic black and the combination of yellow and orange could make a document interesting.

Booklet Cover Page 2

Printable brochure template layout in: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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Business Brochure Annual Report Cover Page Design in MS Word

The third most cover page we have here is apt for the ones looking forward to a spacious booklet cover page template, so we recommend using this template. If you look at this particular cover page, it has an ample amount of space provided to write detail about the company or the booklet. If you want how to write about your company or to describe the content of the booklet, download this booklet cover page template. Anyways, it is professionally designed and formatted with the space for QR codes as well. Include the necessary details in the given space, customize the images according to your needs, and there you are with your designed cover page.

Booklet Cover Page 3

Printable Brochure Design Layout in: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 1.1MB
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Handbook cover page design

Designing a booklet cover may seem a bit challenging, this is why we have this well-designed and formatted booklet cover page. Take a look at the template, you will see how spacious it is and professional it looks. The ocean blue color used for outlining the cover book looks enhancing and professional. You get three different square shape spaces to fill in the information and a wide space below it. You could include any details about the booklet for the author in these three boxes and explain the content of the booklet below. Utilize the space given so it doesn’t look left out.

Booklet Cover Page 4

Printable Booklet Cover Page Design Idea: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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Booklet cover design templates

Lastly, we have an amazingly designed and uniquely formatted booklet cover page template. You put the company name and logo on the top left corner, and then write the title of the cover page in the middle and follow it up with a brief description. The cover page has already been formatted with a QR code, if you have any provide the same. You have the space to experiment a lot with this cover page template so if you are interested, then make sure you get it.

Booklet Cover Page 5

Printable Brochure Design Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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