9+ Free Printable Calendar Cover Page Template Design in MS Word & PDF

Designing a calendar cover page seems like the pressure to somebodies, but it is not. The cover page of the calendar just needs to resemble the theme of the calendar and the company. The design will be fine if these two factors are kept in mind while designing the calendar cover page. Being the first page of the calendar, it must be designed in a professional yet interesting theme and not the usual ones people see, only if you want to create an impression.

Creating an impression among the public is the primary objective of creating the calendar cover page and on the secondary comes the information. Through calendars, a company could distribute their information in the hands of the public and start the chain of advertisement. It would be possible only if the calendar cover page is informative and professional. Therefore while crafting a calendar cover page one must be sure that a professional formatting style and writing is used.

What is the Calendar Cover Page?

A Calendar cover page is the topmost page of the calendar that consists of basic information about any company or brand. It is used as a source of advertisement and promotion of a particular brand or organization and distributed in the hands of the public without any monetary exchange.

You must have found every Calendar cover page to be unique in design and theme. Every year every company adapts to a new style to maintain creativity. They try to resemble the cover page design of the calendar with one of their company’s. If not the design in particular but some elements must be used in the Calendar front page so it reminds the people of the organization. Suppose a dental clinic is designing a Calendar cover page. To do the promotion using the same resource, incorporating some dental elements on the cover page would provide people an idea of their place.

One could be as informative as possible on the calendar cover page, without making it clumsy. The basic introduction of the organization, objective of the organization, services of the same, and the financial year will be good. Incorporating many elements in the cover page makes it unkempt and might not fulfill the objective of influencing, therefore stick to a particular set of elements.

What Could Complete a Calendar Cover Page?

Proper incorporations and proper formatting style complete a calendar cover page. Few of the specific elements if incorporated in the cover page become informative. Here are the standard inclusions of a Calendar front page.

  • Name of an entity.
  • Logo of the entity.
  • Address of the entity.
  • Office branches of the entity.
  • Website link.
  • Contact details.
  • The particular year.
  • Services provided by the entity.
  • Background of the entity.

Free Printable Calendar Cover Page Template:

It seems like you want to get yourself a ready-made template of the Calendar cover page. It must be said that it is better to opt for templates rather than create from scratch. Look at our first Calendar cover page template. It has a bright color and sufficient space to incorporate details. A cover page does not include many details, just a little does the job. If you wish, you can replace the image with one of the relevant ones.

Calendar Cover Page 1

Printable New Year Calendar Front Page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 1.1MB
License: [Only for personal use]

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Printable Calendar Cover Design Template:

Let us see the second cover page template of a calendar. It has a unique style of its own that is depicting professionalism and creativity in the same zone. The sample image provided on the calendar cover page can be used as a reference by the user to incorporate an image that would stand out. There is no worry about the formatting style since the professionals have done it, therefore it is just the image and the elements that you need to think about.

Calendar Cover Page 2

Printable Desk Calendar Cover Page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 900KB
License: [Only for personal use]

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Business diary Cover Page Template

On the third position, we have yet another Calendar cover page template formatted with professionalism and designed with creativity. The professional hands have done a great job by effectively balancing out the space for including the elements and the image that relates to it. If your company is sponsoring any calendars, then you can ask the client to add in your company details as well, it works as a promotion.

Calendar Cover Page 3

Printable calendar front page designs Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 1.1MB
License: [Only for personal use]

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Calendar cover design ideas

The second last Calendar cover page template is majorly focused on the image and the presentation. The image that you put on the Calendar title page says a lot about your company and its professionalism. If the motto of your organization is to convince professionalism and grab attention by displaying the best products, then this template is great for you.

Calendar Cover Page 4

Printable Calendar Cover Front Page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 900KB
License: [Only for personal use]

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Template #5

Here we come to our concluding Calendar cover page template. It has a resemblance to the previous template because of its format. The formatting style is more or less similar. It has a minimum space to write down the details and the majority has been reserved for the presentation. If your interest resembles the presentation of the template,grab it.

Calendar Cover Page 5

Printable Calendar Title Page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 900KB
License: [Only for personal use]

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