5+ Best Free Printable Fax Cover Page Example in MS Word & PDF Format

Companies depend on faxed documents while receiving confidential reports or having a CV in case. It is a good mode of sending and receiving reports, but the same thing creates a conclusion when multiple employees are operating the same fax machine. If any fax document comes, it becomes challenging to comprehend whom it was for. This is why the fax cover page is included. It contains a wide range of elements that is best to introduce the document to its receiver. No matter who receives it would be written on the fact cover page and if there is any confidential matter, it should be stated in it as well. Here we have some great Fax Cover Page Example which you can explore below.

Reaching the right person would have been difficult if the fax cover page was not detected with the original documents. The recipient’s name and other details concerning the document are written down on the cover page. And through this individual who has seen the document in the fax machine would know who it is for.

What is a Fax Cover Page?

A fax cover page is an introductory page sent at the beginning of the fax addressing the targeted recipient. It contains elements like the name of the recipient, title of the document, purpose of the document, and the date. Any additional notes are also incorporated to avoid any confusion.

A fax cover page is also known as a fax cover sheet that lets the receiver comprehend the sender of it. The cover page helps the document reach the target destination and not in the wrong hand. It is especially useful when the matter is confidential and only the recipient is allowed to receive it. Not only this, but through the fax cover page, the sender could also include their details so the recipe in the know from whom it is coming from.

The fax cover page is often used by prospective employees or the candidate applying for a job. They send their resume or CV through fax and attach a cover page. This fax cover page Example is quite a helpful document in reaching the right hand.

What are the Components Incorporated in a Fax Cover Page?

Faxing is easy, and quite a primitive tool therefore, everyone knows it. But the fact cover page was not prevailing in the past and therefore you might not know what must be incorporated in a fax cover page so it becomes productive and informative. Here we give an idea of the elements that could be included in a cover page.

  • Recipient name.
  • Sender details such as name, address, contact number, email ID, and fax number.
  • Number of pages of document attested with the fax cover page.
  • The confidentiality statement.
  • Purpose of the fax.
  • Fax Notes.

Free Printable Fax Cover Page Example Template:

Here is the first exclusively designed and formatted fax coverage template with an image. The image included is quite relatable although the user could easily customize it according to the needs. The page is already formatted and it just needs a brief filling up. Mention the name of your company in the top left aligned space and paste the logo of it. After a few gaps, write the title of the cover page or the faxed documents, follow it up with the summary. If the faxed documents are confidential, mention them on the cover page. Any additional elements could be easily added with the same.

Fax Cover Page Example

Printable Fax Cover Sheets Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 1.1MB
License: [Only for personal use]

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Printable Fax Cover Letter Sample Template

Do you want to attach images to your fax cover page to make it relatable and interesting? If yes, then you should readily get your hands on this particular printable fax cover page template. You could see there exist two spaces to add images. There are already two images on the fax cover page example, but if you wish, you could customize it with another personalized one. Besides these, the title of the cover page could also be incorporated in broad letters. If you wish to send the f

ax documents with some related and emails containing cover pages then, get your hands on any of these.

Fax Cover Page Template 2

Printable Fax Cover Page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 900KB
License: [Only for personal use]

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Fax Covering Page Template in Microsoft word Office 365

The cover page here looks so interesting and elegant. If included in the fact document, it would definitely create a good impression as it is the formally formatted fax cover page example. The similar cover page template we have on our website is in other colors as well. You can opt for any one of these and customize it according to your requirement. Having this formatted and designed fax cover page example  template would definitely fulfill your objective and help your document in reaching the right destination.

Fax Cover Page Template 3

Printable Fax Cover Sheet Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 1.1MB
License: [Only for personal use]

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Blank Fax Cover Sheet PDF Template

This stylish and elegant looking back cover page template is best to showcase professional skill and creativity to the recipient. The job applicants often fax their CV or resume to the HR through fax, at such time if used these are well designed and formatted fax cover page example, it would create a good impression and it would increase the probability of hiring as well. Look into the cover page provided below here, you will find the space for stating the name of the company and mentioning the year as well. One could easily customize every element provided and create their mark.

Fax Cover Page Template 4

Printable Fax Cover Sheet Word Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 900KB
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Professional fax cover sheet Sample Design

Look at this elegant and vibrant fax cover page example. It is one of the best fax cover pages lined up on our website. The vibrant red color is sure to make an impression on the recipient. It also contains a background image that provides a backup as well and overall gives it a professional look. If you want to create an impression on your client and increase the probability of sealing a deal, then you must feel in this fax cover page example template with essential information.

Fax Cover Page Template 5

Printable free fax cover sheet template open office 365: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 900KB
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