7+ Best FREE Internship Report Cover Page Template Design in MS Word

After finishing your studies, you work as an intern in a company. You learn how practically a work is done, you understand the corporate environment, you are introduced to the operational methodologies while working in the company. After your internship period, you create the internship report describing your internship experience. The internship report you craft (Along with The Internship Report Cover Page) is sent to the company you had done your internship with. With your review, they comprehend if they need to consider a few things to provide a better internship experience to the freshers, and they also get to know about their beneficial properties.

As an intern when you have finished your internship and created the internship report, it is quite factual that you would skip stating any negative points about the company and try to make it favorable towards them. Besides the summarization of the internship experience, one more element that could add value to your report is the internship report cover page.

What is the Internship Report Cover Page?

The first page that we see in an Internship Report contains some informative elements concerning the designer, and the subject is known as the internship cover page. Through this report, the intern shares the internship experience with the company he/she has worked with. And the cover page adds an essential value to it due to which the readers get a preliminary idea of what is inside.

If you work skeptical about whether or not the cover page is essential to attach to the Internship Report, then we must say that the internship report cover page is an essential element. By adding this you are showcasing your professionalism and presentation skills to the company you have worked with. Although, they know your value and competency, as you submit the report you create a perspective about yourself in them. So if you want the perspective to be in your favor, attest to a well-designed and formatted internship cover page. It must be remembered that along with the design, the information included in the internship report cover page is also essential. Here are some ideas of the elements that you must essentially incorporate in an internship report cover page.

What Do You Put In An Internship Report Cover Page Template?

Some specific elements are worth incorporating in an Internship Report cover page. Few of the elements would prove to be productive when you incorporate them. Avoid excessive information on the cover page of the internship report as it would make it clumsy.

Title of the document.

The subtitle of the document.

Name of the company(the one you have done an internship with).

Name of the intern.

Role in the company.

Details of the intern such as designation, institution, course details.

This set of elements would be enough to provide the necessary details and give a brief idea about what they could expect in the internship report.

Free Printable Internship Report Cover Page Template:

When you create an Internship Report you must be looking forward to attaching a convincing cover page so it creates a positive impression about you to the company. The best way to do it is by downloading a ready-made Internship Report cover page template. Having this, you would neither need to create it from scratch nor would be skeptical about the formatting style. The Internship Report cover page template is crafted by the professionals and therefore has no chance of error thereby providing a new and accurate Internship Report cover page template.

Internship Report Cover Page 1

Printable Internship Report Templates: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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Free Printable Internship Report Title Page Template:

Do you think our second internship cover page template is appropriate for your report? If yes, then we want you to know that this cover page has been crafted by professionals which makes it an error-free template. Having said that if you need to make any changes which you definitely will, you could customize it according to your wish. Edit the elements given and input your company name, your name, your details, and the title of the document which has already been mentioned in the template. Not to worry about the formatting style and the design of the template. Anyways the presence of red, white, and black is adding a touch of professionalism to the utmost.

Internship Report Cover Page 2

Printable Internship Report Cover Letter Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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Sample of internship report for student

Did you take a glance at the third internship report cover page template? It is a template combined with blue and white colors. The first half of the template which is colored in white is creating a good contrast with the deep ocean blue and the other half is painted in blue. The major portion of the template is kept for incorporating elements like the title of the cover page, the name of the company, the name of whom it is prepared for, and by whom it is prepared.

Internship Report Cover Page 3

Printable Internship Report Cover Page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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Summer Internship Report Design in MS Word

With the same picturization, we could move to our fourth internship report cover page template that displays the same white and blue contrasting picture but with different formatting styles. It is a bit geometrical compared to what we have seen on the third cover page template. It has ample space to incorporate the necessary details, and customizable features as well. If you think this template would add value to your report then download it.

Internship Report Cover Page 4

Printable Internship final report sample Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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Template #5

As we conclude our lineup of internship report cover page templates we come to our fifth and final template colored in trio- black, red, and white. This has a unique formatting style and an interesting design which makes it appropriate to present it in front of a company. Thus, if you feel it would complement the internship report of yours then you must get your hands on it.

Internship Report Cover Page 5

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