7+ Best Free Printable Cover Page Templates in MS Word

Cover Page is extremely important for academic and professional projects, as that is the first thing one glance upon. As the cover page indicates and visually displays the project’s content, it is crucial to have an attractive and informative cover page with precise detailing that viewers can have an instant idea of the overall project concept.

The cover page is separately desinged and attached to the project copy before handing it over to the recipient. As the first impression always has a significant impact, the designer has a great responsibility to create the cover page, which rightfully displays the project’s content in a sophisticated manner. An attractive cover page will make the project visually stand out and surely insist on the recipient to go through the entire project inside.

Depending on the project and subject matter, cover page themes vary a lot. An assignment cover page would have a complete different design pattern than a science project report. The same thing applies to the entertainment book cover page. Keeping everything in mind, we have compiled 7+ printable Cover page templates covering each subject matter.

How When & Where to Use Printable Cover Pages:

Printable cover pages are the ready-made escape to the “create from scratch” solution. These are title page templates which feature on the front of different kind of projects as stated below:

  • Academic Essays Cover pages
  • Assignment cover pages
  • Books & E-boos
  • Magazine
  • Business Assignment
  • Business Projects
  • Reports (Professional)
  • Medial Report
  • Scientific Thesis
  • Albums
  • Business Plan
  • Project Plan
  • Proposal
  • Business Proposal
  • White Paper
  • Professional Report and much more

We have to keep in mind cover pages are somewhat different from the cover sheets and cover letter. A cover letter is used as an application or pitch by attaching to the resume, whereas the cover sheet is sent by fax when we need to add any additional information.

Printable cover pages can be used as ready-made templates where you can choose the best possible design template and customize by inserting your own information into them. Subjectwise Coverpage design is already there; all you have to do is populate the separate segment with your information or data. Here we have discussed some of the important areas where cover pages are used:

Academic Essays Cover pages:

When crafting an academic Essay cover page, there are some certain rules one needs to follow. The cover pages bear quite an importance just like the content inside, and it should be formatted according to the instructor’s guidelines. Academic cover pages have three common formats:

  • APA or American Psychological Association
  • CMS Or Chicago Manual of Style
  • MLA Or Modern Language Association

Report Cover Page: 

A report is used in a wide range of spaces to give information on a certain subject. As the subject matter travels quite a lot of space, the Cover page plays a critical part in a report as it is the first thing receiver lays the eyes upon. When crafted right, it gives the instant idea about the report’s subject matter, and the receiver has a clear understanding of what to expect inside.

Portfolio Cover Page: 

A portfolio is another area where a cover page plays a critical role. It is essential to have a clear idea about the portfolio’s subject matter before taking the initiative to create the cover page. One should have the proper understanding of the format and the elements to include on the cover page. Make sure you have the following in the right format:

  • Title and the subtitle of the content in Bold Format
  • The author’s name should be mentioned right below the title
  • Designation/ Title of the Author
  • Complementing cover image or cover photo

Assignment cover pages:

Students give their best effort to submit the best possible assignment they can, and complementary beautifully desinged cover pages can rightfully present their project assignment to the teacher. A beautifully created assessment cover will showcase how much committed a student is and help secure better grades. Here are some of the details a standard Assignment cover page should carry:

  • Name so the student
  • Subject or topic of the assignment
  • Registration or Roll number of the student
  • A brief synopsis of the assignment Content
  • And any other signification point which deserves mention in the cover page

Project cover pages:

Cover pages do have a significant role to play for project presentations. After putting a lot of effort and creating an in-depth report, no one would want the project report to go unnoticed, and a meaningful cover page would enhance the chance of better visibility. A well-crafted cover page should be attached to the project before sending it over to the receiver.

Business Proposal:

It is a common practice to have a cover page for every business proposal. Depending on the business nature and the goal it wants to achieve, the proposal cover page is designed. Business proposal cover pages vary quite a lot, and you would notice some may show formality and professionalism, whereas some would display significant creativity or “straight to the point” approach.

Printable Cover Page Templates:

The cover page demands to be beautiful and eye-catchy that it draws immediate attention. Whatever the subject matter is, everyone wants the cover page to be attractive that their project, proposal, or assignment stands out from the rest. Here in this post, we have specially designed and listed a diversified list of ready-made printable cover page templates is Microsoft Word and in PSD format where every design element is customizable. If you wish to have a project-wise cover page template, you can simply achieve that with these templates’ help.

These are free to use for personal purposes and easy to edit. Change the subject matter, name/title of the project, and other details, and there you have your printable cover page templates.

Free Printable Cover page Template:

Printable Cover Page Template


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Template #2

Printable Cover Page Template 2

Printable Cover page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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# Template 3

Printable Cover Page Template 3

Printable Cover page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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# Template 4

Printable Cover Page Template 4

Printable Cover page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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# Template 5

Printable Cover Page Template 5

Printable Cover page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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