Printable Thesis Cover Page Templates in MS Word and PSD Format

The students who are undergoing doctoral study has to submit the thesis or dissertation research paper during their studies. The main objective of a thesis paper is to study (Research) a particular piece of content (Subject matter) and contribute additional new knowledge, findings and information on that subject (Research). After coming up with a hypothesis, it is absolutely critical to present the information in an organized manner mainly because thesis papers are usually extremely long documents consisting of a lot of information. This is where Thesis Cover Page (Dissertation Cover Page) is extremely important to shed light on the research subject matter at a glance.

What does the term “thesis” mean?

A thesis paper is a document created by students and candidates with the research they have done on a particular topic. It consists of the findings and analytical output the author has received after a thorough examination and research.

People invest quite an amount of their time and effort behind doing a complete thesis on a selective theory. To say the fact the making process of a thesis is not as easy as it seems. The rosy picture we visualize is not what it takes to prepare an entire thesis. It is far more than that and is only known to them experienced it.

What things are incorporated into a thesis?

Into a thesis goes what the author finds out in the entire research duration. Always add some specifications, but as the person is putting so much effort into the analysis they do not omit any element. Consequently, they end up, including as many findings as they can provide.

If you are into doing a thesis, then these are the following things you must consider to include in it:

  1. Research topic
  2. A valid reason behind selecting the particular topic.
  3. History and literature on the topic.
  4. Previous case analysis, if any.
  5. A brief introduction to the subject.
  6. Specify the corner you chose to do the research on, if necessary.
  7. Methods and procedures used for receiving data and information.
  8. Configuration of your study
  9. The findings.
  10. The author’s analysis and opinion
  11. Output/ result

Following are the things you must necessarily include in a thesis or else it would not look like one. Apart from this, there are various other internal elements to add, which you will discover as you go on with your research work. Another important thing which you must never overlook is the thesis cover page. It is one of the essential elements of the above 11 points.

What is the thesis cover page?

A thesis cover page is the front page design of a thesis containing information about the document. It contains information that helps the reader understand the topic and other details about the author.

Making a cover page of a thesis is no longer considered an option. Rather, it is believed as a professional approach to presenting a document. So when you create a thesis of yours, make sure you include the front page (cover title) in the design. Even if it is not mentioned in the propaganda, you may add it as an additional element to convince your supervisors.

What are the elements to include in a thesis cover page?

You may add the following information to a thesis cover page:

  1. Project title
  2. Thesis topic
  3. Subtitle/ one-line description of the topic
  4. Author’s name
  5. The description of the author:
  6. Department
  7. Course number and ID
  8. Roll number
  9. Contact details including email ID

#1 Free Printable Thesis cover page Template:

Printable Thesis Cover Page Template 1

Printable Thesis cover page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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Why is it essential to include a cover page in a thesis?

It is a common question asked by the visitors and as an answer, we said there is a valid reason behind making it a compulsory element to include in a thesis. The information you put on the cover page is also provided because of a reason which is:

  1. The cover page gives a brief idea to The Reader about the thesis.
  2. This additional approach signifies the effort the author has put into making it.
  3. By saying the list of information, the supervisor and the examiner can decide upon your knowledge about the thesis cover page format.
  4. If the cover page of the thesis is a design one, it would say a lot about your skill in thesis cover page design.

The points we mentioned above are the reasons why it is essential to incorporate a cover page in your thesis.

How to create a thesis cover page?

If you want to create the best thesis cover page of all, you would have to be creative enough to do so. You are well aware of the general methodology your competitors will follow. So to stand out among they try to create the cover page distinctively. You can either change the style of writing or incorporate it into creative designs. There are many possible ways through which you can make your thesis cover page the best of all.

For your assistance, here we give you some guidelines you can follow to create a good cover page for your thesis:

  1. Once you receive the thesis proposal, you have to get on with your research work and complete it as soon as possible.
  2. After you are done with the making of your faces, you can focus on crafting the cover page of it. So to design the front page of your thesis, you can either use software designs for templates.
  3. Once you are done with the designing purpose, you can move on to the incorporation of information in a proper thesis cover page format.
  4. Following a format for your thesis cover page is essential to make it look professional and effective.

If you follow the provided guideline step by step, we are sure you can achieve the best thesis cover page along with your successful research work. In case you want to lessen your investment of time behind the making of this is the cover page you have the option of opting for the thesis cover page template design.

The templates are the greatest tool for crafting the front page design of the thesis with no involvement of additional cost and time. Be it the undergraduate thesis cover page, bachelor thesis cover page, the cover page of the Master thesis, undergraduate thesis cover page, PhD thesis cover page design, you can get everything you required in the form of templates. The templates will not only guide you in crafting the best cover page for your thesis, but will also provide you with the accurate format for it.

#2 Dissertation title page Template 

Printable Thesis Cover Page Template 2

Printable Cover Page For Dissertation Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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#3 Thesis cover page design Template 

Printable Thesis Cover Page Template 3

Printable Thesis cover page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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#4 Thesis cover page template word 

Printable Thesis Cover Page Template 4

Printable Thesis cover Design Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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#5 Thesis Title page Sample Template 

Printable Thesis Cover Page Template 5

Printable Front Page For Thesis Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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Rounding UP:

Here, in this article, we have explained the topic of a thesis and its cover page. If you know about a thesis and front page of a thesis, then it is well and good. But since you have come up here on our website, we are assuming, either you are partly knowledgeable of this concept or have come here to have the complete Idea of it. It is a good trait to learn new things, especially when it is your first time making a thesis for your graduate or master degree.