7+Free Case Study Cover Page Template Design in MS Words & PDF

When you study a case, we call it a case study. When you create the document with the case study, you want to make it convincing, so people get a quick idea and accept what you present in the document after studying the case. The convincing factor increases when it is an assignment of any academic institution or work. You might be thinking that the richer you make the case study, the more effective it would be. You are right in this observation, but one more element that could add to it is the case study cover page.

The teachers or the clients would like to see your take on presentation and professionalism. Whether you are a student or an employee, professionalism is always measurable. So, the more professional you showcase on your case study cover page, the more convincing it would look.

What is the Case Study Cover Page?

A case study cover page is the first page that we see in a document presented. It consists of some introductory elements such as the subject of the document, the title of the document, and the details of the author. These basic elements are essential incorporated in a cover page to give an idea to its readers, so they comprehend what to expect from the content.

The readers prefer document that is eye-catching and interesting. Hence the cover page must be a well-designed and formatted page. It would not only showcase some images related to the content but provide some information as well.

Therefore, the primary objective of attesting a cover page to any case study document is to convince the people of his design and format and inform them about it. As a professional, you would like your readers to know about you at the information you have put in the document, a brief idea is always good.

  1. Whilst one makes the cover page of a case study considered doing the following things:
  2. Make your case study cover page informative by adding minimal information.
  3. Make it eye-catching and exciting, biting relatable pictures and design.

Build a professional attitude by formatting the cover page in a professional or business format.

What Could Be Added to a Case Study Cover Page?

In a case study cover page, you could add in such details, so a person could relate when they open the document. It is not a good idea to fill up a cover page to its fullest, hence add some standard elements, such as:

  • Title of the document.
  • The subtitle of the document.
  • The subject of the document.
  • Name of the author.
  • Description of the author.
  • Supervisor of the author.
  • Due date of submission.

Free Editable Case Study Cover Page Template:

Let’s talk about the templates of the cover page. It is a readymade document that makes the work of users easier than before. You need not add anything by yourself except for the information. All the necessary elements are already present in the template. As you can see, it has got a space to write the title of the case study. Explain a bit about it in the space provided below. Besides these, you could add the details of the author and the year of presentation.

Case Study Cover Page 1

Printable Case Study Examples Cover Page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 1.1MB
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Case Study Format (Cover Page Template)

If you are wondering if it would be a good idea to download this case study cover page template then get it without a doubt. It has been designed and formatted by professionals; hence if you download it, you would only get your hands on a professionally crafted and designed case study cover page. Having said that, it is fully customizable and editable, making it convenient for users to make any changes if necessary. Already see the designing done in a professional way just add the information in the convenient places and print it out.

Case Study Cover Page 2

Printable Case Study Cover Page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 900KB
License: [Only for personal use]

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Case Study Cover Page Apa Format

Let’s see what we have on our third case study cover page template. It is a simple and professional case study cover page containing enough space to add the subject of the case study and other details like the author’s description and supervisor’s name. If you look at the bottom of the template, one half of the space is for the year, and the other half is to write an element that you prefer. Make the full utilization of the space given in the template and present it through your case study.

Case Study Cover Page 3

Free Case Study Template With Cover Page: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 1.1MB
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Case study cover page example

On the first cover page of the case study, we have another similar kind of template in displaying the ample. Incorporate the title at the top of the document given space. Explain it in the paragraph below. State the name of the author and the title, and there you are with your cover page appropriate to attest. If you wish, you could utilize the leftover space or put an image on it.

Case Study Cover Page 4

Printable cover page for case study Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
File Size: 900KB
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Case study cover page format

Here we are concluding our cover page with a touch of brown. This cover page template seems to be a little different than the other ones. The font color and style are different, and so is its look. If you wish, you could change the color to your way, but to make a professional, this brown is looking good. Get the template and see how convincing you make the cover page without putting much effort into it.

Case Study Cover Page 5

Printable Case Study Title Page Template: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013
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